Sunday, 19 November 2017

T's Story battling his spinal cord injury

T, a 4 year old Lhasa suddenly lost his ability to use his hind legs, leaving his parents devastated... 
T had a very supportive family and helped him nurse his spinal cord injury... 
Sharing T's story with you...

Saturday, 6 June 2015

The Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai Story : Acumed Veterinary Specialty

Jonty,9 year old Labrador suffered from a cervical spine compression in October 2014 which led to a progressive deterioration in his ability to walk and a painful neck. At a point he could not get up and walk on his own. He is very lucky to have very dedicated and loving pet parents who did not give up... We started treating him since November 2014 and there was no looking back. It was a long process of pain relief and rehabilitation.
Jonty travelled about 400 kms to come over and go back home from Pune,once a week. His condition improved in the months to come and gradually regained his ability to walk.

Monday, 23 March 2015

AcuMed Veterinary Specialty Clinic Turns ONE

Time flies.... We vividly remember Shandy.. our first patient walk into our clinic exactly a year ago. 
Its been a long and an exciting journey. We started with a small space to serve our patients trying to do as much as we could.


A Green Welcome



We are happy to have grown into a bigger setup with a dedicated Operation Theatre , a Post Operative Recovery Room and a comfortable Consult area. 

We started primarily as a first opinion practice at Thakur Village,Kandivali East and now have grown into more of a referral clinic where we have patients referred to us not only from Mumbai but also from different States in India. AcuMed Veterinary Specialty is now a Referal Center for Neurology, Acupuncture & Pain Management for Pets.


Consult Room

Recovery Room

Dedicated Operation Theater
With Dr.Barry Kalsy we started offering routine surgeries initially and keeping up with the advancement in veterinary sciences we now offer Laparoscopic surgery as an alternative.
We have been offering Critical Care and monitoring for our patients including expertise in Internal medicine and Cardiology.
We have now grown into dealing with more challenging cases like Spinal tumors, Critical Cardiac patients, Refractory Epilepsy,Diagnostic imaging including MRI and CT scans,. We stirve to get better with the years to come...
Thank you for your support !

Thursday, 16 October 2014

World Spine Day 2014 - AcuMed Veterinary Specialty

16th October is celebrated as the World Spine Day. Our beloved pets also suffer Spine diseases like we do. They too experience pain of the same magnitude when they suffer from diseases resulting in Spinal pain.
Here we would like to spread awareness about "What to do" when my pet suffers from a Spine Disease.

1. Pick up Early Signs : Like we all say "Prevention is the best Cure". We totally agree you as Pet-parents are the best judge to know that something is not right. We have observed over a period of time that you do pick up some of the clinical signs but it difficult to correlate it with the disease.
Click to view article : Recognizing Early Signs Of Spine Disease.

2. Get Veterinary Help : Once you have noticed any unusual signs the best thing you can do for your pet is getting Veterinary Help.
Aims at Veterinary Clinic :
  • Medical attention & stabilization during the "Golden Hours" .
  • Identifying & Diagnosing Disease.
  • Advanced Imaging Techniques - MRI.
  • Advanced Diagnostics.
  • Pain Management . 
  "To assume" is the biggest blunder that one can commit. Progressing Spinal Cord diseases can cause end stage Paraplegia or a Tetraplegia ( Paralysis of the hind or all four legs).
Thus these pets can end up in a vegetative state. 

It was previously assumed that a Paraplegia / Paraparesis - (Paralysis of hind limbs/Weakness of hindlimbs) was attributed due to a "Slipped Disc". However as time progressed and with newer researches and advanced imaging techniques like MRI and analysis of Spinal Fluid we are now diagnosing pets with Neoplasms or Tumors / Infection of Spinal Cord / Anomalous deformities / Blood vessel abnormalities / Inflammatory / Auto immune diseases along with the IVDD - Intervertebral Disc Disease or Disc Herniation.

Diagnosing the disease remains of key importance as the therapeutic protocol for each disease remains different and we cannot treat all spinal diseases with the same therapy.

Pain Management remains of prime importance. Pets also feel the pain just like we do. Spine diseases causes Nerve inflammation or Nerve entrapment which gives rise to severe excruciating pain. 

3. Cage Rest : Perhaps the  most important step which decides if the pet will Recover or NOT !
Just like Humans are advised "Bed Rest". Pets need "CAGE REST"
Cage rest should be considered as a THERAPY while non-surgically managing an injured Spine. Any abnormal movement or activity triggers another series of spinal cord injury and thus aggravating the disease. We agree that pet parents would not like to see their beloved pets in a cage as they find it a bad thing to do. But trust us take it as a THERAPY  you would not want your pets injury to have reached a stage beyond repair and your pet remaining paralyzed for life.

4. Nursing : Paralyzed dogs sometimes loose their control over their bladder and bowels. So it is necessary that their bladder is expressed and bowels cleared at regular intervals. This may require Veterinary attention for the initial days. Pets who have been paralyzed can urinate or defecate without their knowledge so this can result in scalds on skin and Bed-Sores. A strong dedication and an everlasting commitment is needed !!

5. Rehabilitation : Pets need Rehabilitation just like we do. Acupuncture & Physiotherapy has been proven of great help to rehabilitate the motor functions and help them recover from their inability to walk. Acupuncture has been scientifically proven to aid in pain management and stimulating motor functions !!

Just like all diseases - Prevention remains the Best Cure.
A healthy lifestyle which includes Regular walks and exercises, well planned diet, weight restriction and giving them lots of love and care .

We at AcuMed Veterinary Specialty strive to provide the best possible Spine care for pets and we would like to share some success stories which included - "Pet Parent Compliance" as the factor that separated them from the rest !

Success Stories :

            Dewey - The Cat with 9 Lives !! 

                 Roxcy - Tetraplegic - Cervical IVDD

Monday, 30 June 2014

Poke The Pet ! AcuMed Veterinary Specialty

Today's edition of Mumbai Mirror & Pune Mirror (Dated 30.06.2014) featured 
Dr.Prathmesh Deshmukh's interview about Acupuncture in Pets. It talks about how Acupuncture can be successfully integrated into Veterinary Practice providing a complete care for the pets !!
You can read about Ceaser's story who suffered from a Neurological compromise due to a Spinal Cord Disease !
Read the Article here :

Friday, 23 May 2014

Sorry - No Crystal Ball Consults Here !! - AcuMed Veterinary Specialty


(Phone Rings) : Hello Dr. My #Pet is not feeling well... I think he is suffering from XYZ disease. What do you think is wrong with him and what treatment would you recommend ??
We often receive such calls and we do not encourage them either. We do not rely on your judgement , we have to have a look at your pet ourselves before making any recommendations. We do not offer medical recommendations on the phone or without clinically assessing them ourselves. We always put your Pet's health at the top most priority . There have been reports of fatal incidences due to such Crystal Ball Consults . Playing the Crystal Ball Diagnosis game is neither Ethical nor Legal.
We work hard each and every day only to make your pet feel better and such incidences put us on the back-foot. We at Acumed Veterinary Specialty actively discourage such activities which put your pet's health and life at risk.
Sorry... No #CrystalBallConsults here !!